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14 June, 2023   |  3 min read

HubSpot's Content Assistant: The Ultimate AI tool for content creation

"The best generative AI tool is the one you have with you." (Steve Jobs, probably).

"The best generative AI tool is the one you have with you." (Steve Jobs, probably).


[Quick note: HubSpot's Content Assistant is in Public Beta. Request early access at this link]

Here at Content Chemistry, we're obsessed with learning about AI and how that can change the way we create content. 

Content is a powerful way for businesses to connect with their target audience, grow their online footprint and increase their share of voice.

There is a common misconception that AI will replace content marketers like us. We tend to think differently — that AI is a tool to augment and improve our content creation process.

Google seems to agree and recognises high-quality content, regardless of whether it was created by a human or generated by AI.

In this article (with the help of Content Assistant of course), we'll cover the key features of this tool, how you can use Content Assistant to optimise content, and prompts you can use with the tool. 

We hope that you not only get the power of this tool, but ultimately see how you can start using Content Assistant in your own content creation workflow. 

Ready? Let's go. 

Overview and features

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.48.39 pm

Content Assistant is one of 2 new beta tools that HubSpot has just released, the other being ChatSpot.

If you're already familiar with AI tools, Content Assistant will feel like a natural addition to your toolkit.

We'll start with the best feature — it's baked right into HubSpot. 

You can use Content Assistant in HubSpot — whether you're in the blog editor, creating marketing emails or sending an email to your customers — without ever leaving the platform. 

It also means time saving — no more switching between tools and learning a different platform.

Native integration FTW! 🎉

Pro tip: How to activate Content Assistant

Here's how to activate the Content Assistant in any text box: 

  1. Type "/" to get started with slash commands. This give you a dropdown of options. 
  2. Alternatively, highlight a sentence to pull up a different set of options for you to choose from.
Activating HubSpot Content Assistant

1. Type "/" to get started with slash commands. This give you a dropdown of options. 


2. Alternatively, highlight a sentence to pull up a different set of options for you to choose from.

9 ways to use HubSpot's Content Assistant

Here are 9 examples on how you can use the Content Assistant: 

  1. Generating blog ideas
  2. Creating blog outlines
  3. Expand blog outlines
  4. Creating marketing emails
  5. Writing social media posts
  6. Creating prospecting emails
  7. Changing the tone of your writing
  8. Create summaries of your content
  9. Streamline your content creation workflows

Ultimately, there are 3 main benefits to using HubSpot's Content Assistant:

1. High-quality content creation. Create better content that resonates with your target audience, improving engagement and driving desired outcomes. Let Content Assistant help with SEO optimisation in recommending target keywords as well as optimising H1/H2s. 

2. Efficient content creation process. It helps you streamline your research and provides customisable recommendations to your writing. Ultimately saving you time and effort whilst producing better content. 

3. Consistent tone of voice for your ideal audience. Write content that is consistent with your brand style across all your content. 

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13 brilliant prompts to use with Content Assistant

Prompts are a key feature of HubSpot's Content Assistant that can help generate content ideas and streamline the content creation process.

Here are some great prompts you can use with the tool:

  1. Generate a list of actionable tips for [topic] that readers can implement today
  2. Give me 10 ideas for blog posts about [topic] with 3 key points each
  3. Outline and give me the key points and main ideas for [topic]
  4. Create headlines and subheadings for an educational article about [topic]
  5. Generate 10 ideas for blog posts for the [your industry] industry
  6. Summarise the key takeaways from [report/study]
  7. Create an engaging sales email for a [product/service] that is written for [target audience] that will encourage them to [call to action]
  8. Write a persuasive argument for why [topic] is important and how it can benefit your audience
  9. Create a comprehensive guide on [topic] that covers everything [your audience] needs to know
  10. Draft an email newsletter promoting your latest blog post and encouraging readers to engage with your content
  11. Create a social media content calendar for the next month, including post ideas and suggested hashtags
  12. Create a step-by-step tutorial on how to use [specific tool/software/product]
  13. Write a case study on a successful marketing campaign and share insights on what made it effective


There's never been a better time to be content marketers. We don't say this often, but HubSpot's Content Assistant is a game-changer for content creation.

It's not about saving time, but about creating high-quality content more efficiently.

And we like to say — better quality content wins every time. 

With its native integration, customisable recommendations, and prompt options, Content Assistant helps streamline the content creation process while ensuring consistency in brand voice.

By incorporating this tool into your content marketing strategy, you can improve SEO, increase engagement, and enhance collaboration among teams. 

If you're keen to chat with some content enthusiasts about crafting a content strategy for your business, reach out to us for a Free Marketing Strategy Session..

Samuel Cheong

Samuel Cheong

Samuel is a Digital Marketing Specialist with Content Chemistry, a digital marketing agency and a HubSpot Solutions Partner and Google Partner based in Sydney. He is enthusiastic about good coffee, Malaysian food and watching movies.