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As an early stage startup, I needed to know what I didn't know and Content Chemistry's free digital marketing audit was just awesome — so thorough and it gave me so much insight into what I needed to pay attention to for the greatest impact. After that we engaged Content Chemistry to set up HubSpot for inbound marketing capability.

Emma Jones, Founder & CEO

marketing capability.

Project F helps companies achieve gender-diverse tech teams and supports tech women to achieve their career goals.


Being a lean, bootstrapped startup with a small team, Project F had to better leverage technology to get more done with less people.

Project F was part of HubSpot for Startups program which provided them with HubSpot’s CRM, Marketing Pro and Sales Starter at a heavily discounted rate. Despite having the tools and platform to drive business growth, the team weren’t optimising their investment in HubSpot and were overly reliant on Google Sheets, whiteboards and the back of an envelope for note taking and other data entry. They needed automation to improve efficiencies and save them hours of manual admin each week.

In addition, Project F’s website was on Squarespace and this was not integrating with HubSpot when it came to forms, tracking, landing pages, etc. This was a major pain-point. The website was also not converting enough visitors into leads and this was something that needed attention.

Because the onboarding with HubSpot for Startups is somewhat limited and more of a “done-by-you” vs a “done-for-you” approach, Project F needed a HubSpot Partner to audit their HubSpot account and re-onboard them again from scratch.

Here is a list of key priorities that were identified:

  • Auditing and configuring their HubSpot account.
  • Migrating contacts and companies from one HubSpot portal to another.
  • Converting existing Squarespace website and landing pages to HubSpot pages.
  • Replicating existing Squarespace forms to HubSpot forms.
  • Create custom properties.
  • Create custom sales pipeline and deal stages.
  • Improve reporting and revenue forecasting.
  • Create popups and call-to-actions to improve website conversion rate.
  • Set up marketing automation for form submissions and landing pages.
  • Develop a content strategy targeting top, middle and bottom-of-funnel stages.
  • Develop a SEO strategy to improve organic search traffic.
  • Training.


increase in productivity in 3 months


increase in website traffic in 3 months


increase in leads in 3 months
detailed Digital Marketing Audit


Before we started working together, we completed a detailed Digital Marketing Audit which identified some of the key priorities to move the needle on website traffic, leads and sales. After the audit was completed, we put together a roadmap which focused on the low-hanging fruit to get some quick-wins.

Some of these recommendations included:

  • Improving Project F’s value proposition, branding, messaging and overall website UX/UI.
  • Adding some top and middle-of-funnel CTAs on the website.
  • Improving website conversion through an exit popup, live chat and subscribe form.
  • Focus on a few target keywords for the website and complete some on-page optimisation.
  • Reinstall Google, Facebook and LinkedIn pixels.
  • Improve the quality of blog post content and align them with target keywords.

We also put together a custom HubSpot onboarding plan which included over 52 tasks broken down week-by-week. The onboarding plan was setup as a shared Monday board and we supplemented communication in Monday with Slack. Here is a breakdown of tasks each week.

Week 1

  • Kickoff Call with HubSpot Channel Consultant
  • Introduce HubSpot Academy and Technical Support
  • Review goals, responsibilities and timeline

Week 2

  • Technical setup of HubSpot, including adding users, importing contacts and companies, uploading logo and branding, connecting G Suite email, connecting social media accounts, connecting subdomains, creating custom properties, installing HubSpot tracking code.

Week 3

  • Setup lifecycle stages, create exit pop-up, replace existing website forms with HubSpot forms, create lists, setup live chat, connect G Suite calendar and HubSpot meetings, setup sales pipeline and deal stages, recommended HubSpot Academy training.

Week 4

  • Building marketing and sales dashboards and reports
  • Importing deals
  • Recommended HubSpot Academy training

Week 5

  • Complete keyword research
  • Map out top, middle and bottom-of-funnel content

Week 6

  • Setup email preferences, 404 and other system templates
  • Create new HubSpot forms
  • Create new HubSpot website and landing pages
  • Set up marketing automation for form submissions

Week 7

  • Create email template
  • Publish social media content via HubSpot
  • Connect Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads with HubSpot
  • Send out a marketing email from HubSpot


As a result of working with us to re-onboard Project F onto HubSpot, they have experienced a range of benefits.

These include increases in productivity and efficiency and saving 10+ hours per week on data entry and admin.

In addition, Project F has experienced:

  • Increased productivity by 33% in 3 months
  • Increased website traffic by 24% in 3 months
  • Increased leads by 22% in 3 months

Introducing a simple chatbot to Project F’s website has enabled them to capture additional leads they could have lost otherwise, through being able to respond in realtime to queries and so far these have resulted in a 100% conversion rate.

Nathan and his team were thorough, detailed, attentive and extremely knowledgeable. It's been a great experience and we've had some quick wins almost from day 1. This investment will definitely pay great dividends in the long run too.

Emma Jones, Founder & CEO

great dividends
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