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Content Chemistry is able to offer a complete service; SEO, blogs, website development and management of our CRM system. For a company our size this is the perfect solution.

Hendrik Karsten, Managing Director


Founded in 2005, Karstens is a premium conference venue, function room and meeting room provider with CBD locations across Australia and New Zealand.


Karstens approached us to launch and manage their SEO and organic search presence across multiple locations around Australia. They also just launched a new venue in Auckland with a dedicated karstens.co.nz website which posed some duplicate content issues that had to be considered.

The conference venue niche is highly competitive and it’s dominated by large venue listing portals and global hotel groups like Accor with big-budgets. In addition to the competition, Karstens’ existing blog was quite limited and in need of a refresh along with an overarching content, conversion rate optimisation and lead nurturing strategy to grow subscribers, leads and customers.

Another challenge was that Karstens lacked an integrated CRM, marketing and sales software — primarily because of an existing CRM which had limited marketing capabilities. This made it very difficult to accurately report ROI from SEO and other marketing activities.


increase in website traffic


increase in organic traffic


keyword position increases


We audited both .com.au and .co.nz websites and identified a range of technical and on-page optimisation factors that when fixed would make both sites much more Google-friendly. This included transitioning to a HTTPS and adding hreflang tags on both sites to avoid potential duplicate content conflicts. It also included building out new targeted pages and a complete re-write of all new and existing pages, optimising HTML tags for targeted keywords.

In addition to the services pages, we audited all existing content and built out a blog content calendar targeting primarily top of funnel topics to grow website traffic. We also kicked-off a monthly (now weekly) email lead nurturing program to keep leads warm.

Finally, we transitioned Karstens to HubSpot to connect the marketing and sales dots. This included full onboarding, migrating email templates from Mailchimp, exporting contacts from the existing CRM and building out new CTAs, forms and other conversion opportunities across the site.


highly competitive keywords on page 1


increase in leads


increase in LinkedIn followers
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