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17 May, 2023   |  4 min read

ChatGPT prompts - How to get started

ChatGPT has literally taken over the world since its latest update in November 2022. And you're probably wondering how you can use it to the full.

ChatGPT has literally taken over the world since its latest update in November 2022. And you're probably wondering how you can use it to the full. By January 2023, ChatGPT had amassed a staggering 100 million active users, surpassing the rapid growth of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok when they were released.

This incredible tool is quickly becoming an indispensable asset for individuals and businesses worldwide. 

From dinner recipes to personal relationship advice, or even assistance with work-related tasks like grammar corrections and complex coding, ChatGPT is a versatile and invaluable tool (and we LOVE it here at Content Chemistry).

As it gains popularity, ChatGPT (and other generative AI tools like Google’s Bard) will replace traditional Google/Bing searches. For example. unlike Google Search, which often requires sifting through multiple results to find the most relevant and accurate answer, ChatGPT offers direct responses. 

The introduction of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE), an AI-powered update announced at the recent Google Keynote I/O 2023 Summit is going to really shift all things search engine marketing (SEM) related! Read more on that and all the exciting things they announced, in our Google I/O 2023 wrapped blog.

Now that we have this remarkable, swiss-army knife like tool at our disposal, how can we make the most of it? 

The answer lies in crafting effective prompts. Prompts are the input that people give the AI to set the direction for what it generates. Prompts themselves are just natural language (i.e.,the normal speech patterns that humans use in everyday
communications, so the barrier to entry is low.) But there is skill in developing great prompts that determine the quality of an output that AI can generate.

Just as the saying goes: rubbish in rubbish out, the quality and relevance of ChatGPT's responses depend greatly on the prompts we provide as a human. 

Even when asking the same question, the way we phrase our query can significantly influence the generated answer. 

To understand how to formulate effective prompts and maximize the potential of ChatGPT, we present five essential tips below.

1. Be specific

Clearly communicate your request or question to provide a precise context for the model. The more specific and well-defined your prompt is, the better the model can comprehend and respond accurately.

2. Provide context

If your prompt refers to previous statements or a particular context, ensure that you include relevant information. Mentioning details or background information helps the model generate responses that are more accurate and pertinent.

3. Ask for clarification

If you desire elaboration or additional details on a specific topic, explicitly request it in your prompt. For instance, you can say, "Can you provide more examples?" or "Please explain the process in greater detail."

4. Set the desired output format

Specify the format in which you want the response, such as bullet points, a step-by-step guide, pros and cons, or a concise summary. This helps structure the model's response to align with your needs.

5. Use system-level instructions

Employ high-level instructions to guide the model's behavior. For example, you can say, "Be creative and generate multiple ideas" or "Provide a balanced perspective with pros and cons."

Remember to experiment and iterate with your prompts. Refine your phrasing, include more specific instructions, or try alternative approaches. This iterative process will help you attain the desired outcomes and unlock the full potential of ChatGPT.

Additionally, a wealth of resources and experimentation by other users are available, particularly on Discord. Users have created a prompt library where they test various prompts and provide feedback. While this blog mainly focuses on productivity within marketing, these techniques can be applied across different domains.

If you're working on content creation, ChatGPT can also write in specific writing styles or even impersonate the writing style of someone else. For instance, if you need content tailored to a particular brand or person, you can request it to be written in a tone consistent with their website.

For example, here’s an example of using ChatGPT to write like Gary V! We love the energy 🤣

chatgpt gary v

For more examples of what you can ask ChatGPT, visit OpenAI’s examples on their website here. There’s loads of great battle-tested prompts here!

25 great ChatGPT prompts for marketers

Looking for a cheat sheet of some great ChatGPT prompts for marketing? Here's some great tips and tricks from our friends at Hubspot.

  1. "List [number] ideas for blog posts about [topic]."
  2. "Write a minute-long advertisement script about [product, service, or company]."
  3. "Create a 3-month social media campaign calendar for our product with the goal to [insert goal] and mention the channels we should focus on."
  4. "List [number] viral Instagram Reels ideas about [company, product, or service]."
  5. "Generate [number] of viral TikTok ideas about [company, product, or service]."
  6. "Create 3 call-to-action button ideas based on the contents of this blog post URL." Then insert the URL.
  7. "Create an advertising campaign about [company, product, or service] targeting [target audience]. Include key messages and slogans and choose the best media channels for promotions."
  8. "Write [number] Google Ad headlines from [URL]."
  9. "List common challenges faced by [buyer persona description]."
  10. "List the key marketing segments in [industry]. Which segment has the biggest opportunity for our [company, group, organization, business]?"
  11. "Write marketing copy to make my marketing emails more engaging. The copy must be about our [product, service, or company]."
  12. "Write an email subject line convincing potential customers to switch our service."
  13. "What are 10 main points that are crucial to marketers trying to acquire new customers?"
  14. "Generate an AIDA for [product or service]."
  15. "Write 5 tweets to generate interest in [product, company, or service]."
  16. "Write a promotional LinkedIn post about [product or service]."
  17. "Write 3-second Facebook Ad copy about [product or service]."
  18. "Write a press release about our upcoming event. Include the event's date, time, location, and purpose." Make sure to give ChatGPT the necessary details.
  19. "Generate 5 different YouTube descriptions for our video about [topic]."
  20. "Generate questions for a Facebook poll about [topic].
  21. "What marketing channels have the highest ROI?"
  22. "List ways to market my brand on TikTok."
  23. "How can influencer marketing generate leads?"
  24. "What marketing tactics should I leverage to reach my target audience." Make sure to describe your target audience.
  25. "What marketing channels have the lowest ROI?"


Now armed with these insights, go forth and unlock the power of ChatGPT with effective prompts and experience the limitless possibilities it offers.

Veronika Pap

Veronika Pap

Veronika has lived and worked across four countries in the last 15 years and has extensive experience working as an account manager, photography and video producer and art director within the creative industries. Marketing has always been a sidekick that followed her career journey closely. After so long, she decided to merge her experience into marketing and focus on providing her clients with a marketing strategy backed by the knowledge brought by the creative twist.