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Free Digital Marketing Audit

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation Digital Marketing Audit ($1,000 value) and we’ll show you how to get your sales and marketing engine back on track. 60+ page report full of actionable recommendations backed by rock-solid data. Be quick, spots for this month are filling fast!





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Hi ,

My name’s Nathan Reiche and I'm the CEO and Founder of Content Chemistry, a ROI-focused digital marketing agency based in Sydney and the #1 HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner in Australia.

We help startups and small-medium sized businesses who want more website traffic, leads and sales, but lack a sales and marketing engine to drive business growth.

The video above explains some of the challenges I faced growing my business (many are exactly the same as yours) and why it's SO IMPORTANT to have a solid digital marketing foundation, especially during and post-COVID.

With a solid foundation, you're setting up your business to fail.

To help your business get through this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, we're offering a limited number of Free Digital Marketing Audits.

We'll review your business goals and challenges, audit your digital marketing, stalk your competitors and we'll outline some low-hanging fruit recommendations to get your business back on track.

Our 100% FREE no-obligation Digital Marketing Audit is genuinely worth $1,000+ and covers these questions and more.

  • Is Google crawling and indexing your site properly?
  • How quickly or slowly does your website load on desktop and mobile?
  • Is your content optimised?
  • What keywords are you currently ranking for?
  • Do you have high quality links pointing to your site?
  • What’s your website's domain authority?
  • Are your social media profiles optimised?
  • Are your pixels installed correctly?
  • How do your cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) metrics stack up?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Our recommendations will set up your business for SUCCESS.

There's no cookie-cutter template here, but a personalised audit to move the needle for your business.

And just to be clear. We invest a LOT of time and effort into this for you and our audits are usually over 60 pages (no joke!).

So just to recap — we're going to give you a customised Digital Marketing Audit for your business (worth $1,000) for FREE.

There’s no catch.

I will personally share over 15 years of marketing experience with you and then package it up into a custom audit (plus recommendations) tailored for your SPECIFIC business.

And just to be clear — it’s up to you what you do with your Digital Marketing Audit. You’re under no obligation to work with us. You can literally take it and do-it-yourself (DIY), find a freelancer on Upwork or even take it to another agency if you want to!

Why are we offering this crazy value for FREE?

Because we're passionate about helping other businesses grow and achieve their goals, ESPECIALLY during this COVID-19 pandemic. Plus we think a bit of goodwill goes a long way.

Either way, the worst-case scenario for you is $1,000 worth of free marketing advice from an expert who's been in the trenches testing this stuff and seeing what works.

So, what are you waiting for?!? 

Book in your 100% FREE no-obligation Digital Marketing Audit and let's get started!



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In good company.

We work with a range of businesses, large and small.